Techvynsys Solutions TrainingWe provides exposure in assembling and maintenance of Electrical System, wiring Schema and Networking in industrial premises as per the requirement. This course comprises Assembling of Electrical wiring and drawings, maintaining proper electrical wiring schema, electrical fault detection and removal etc.

1.  Understanding Basics of Electrical & Electronics.
2.  Wiring Drawings of Control Panels.
3.  Electrical Safety.
4.  Tools & Equipment.
5.  Maintaining a Control Panel.
6.  Cable Glands (Single Compression /Double Compression).
7.  Testing Pushbuttons, Indicating Lamps & Selector Switches, Limit →Switches, Proximity Switches etc.
8.  Identifying Faulty Components.
9.  Basic PLC & HMI Components.
10. Fundamentals of Motors , Generators & Starters.
11. Workplace Asset Management.
12. Concepts of Maintenance & TPM.
13. Co-ordination & Communication Skills.
14. Workplace Health & Safety..